Getting there

Your biggest expense will be getting to Santa Marta. Once you’re there, travel is cheap and fast.


To Palomino

palominoSanta Marta, Colombia’s oldest city at the foothills of the Sierra, is easily reached from Bogotá via plane (1h) or bus (17-18h). Both leave several times each day.

Buses to Palomino leave Santa Marta about every thirty minutes from the main bus terminal (1h) and from the “mercado” (1.5-2h).

If you leave from the terminal, tell the driver that you will get off in Palomino. It’s not their usual stop.


From Palomino

aluna_getthereThe Alunaris Tree Temple is a 75 min hike away from Palomino.

The uphill hike offers sweeping views of Palomino village, Palomino river and the Caribbean Sea.

Alternatively, an experienced motorbike driver can get you there in twenty minutes.

Write us so we can show you the way.