The Guardians

KogiSé Nenulang is the home of the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa, and Kankuamo, descendants of the Tayrona culture.

Speaking different languages, together they protect the Heart of the World from what they perceive as its greatest threat:

Our modern way of perceiving and understanding the Earth.


The Kogi and Alúna

mamaThe Kogi are the guardians of Sé Nenulang‘s most secluded and sacred lands.

The mámas, their spiritual leaders, believe that without thought, life cannot exist. They live to keep the Earth in balance – through their work in Aluná, the world of thought, and the observance of the Original Law.

Mámas, they say, are trained since early childhood to understand and manipulate a cosmic machinery of extraordinary dimensions, enabling them to guard the sacred sites where living energy pours into the world.


The Settlers

paramilitaresFollowing Spanish conquest, many outsiders tried to colonize Sé Nenulang.

None succeeded. The lowlands hold the memories of campesinos, missionaries, and drug lords failing to take control over the Kogi’s land and minds. After a marihuana boom came cocaine, violence, eradication and – finally – peace.

Today, the Kogi return from the mountain to claim and cultivate the lower slopes of their ancestral land.


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