The Mountain


On the Caribbean coast of Colombia, a majestic pyramid towers over tropical waters.

Sé Nenulang* as the indigenous call their home, is lined with beaches, wrapped in rainforest, and covered in snow.

Its summits give birth to crystal clear rivers, which disappear into the ocean after traversing an incredibly diverse natural landscape.


A Planetary Treasury of Time

Sé Nenulang is a spaceship of life memories.

It harbors an enormous diversity of evolutionary inventions. Tropical beaches, cool rivers, humid rainforests, dry shrublands, cloud-shrouded páramos, barren rock and ice. Each is someone’s home.

It took scientists until 2013 A.D. to realize Sé Nenulang was the planet’s most irreplaceable park for threatened species.

No surprise to the indigenous guardians. They call their home the Heart of the World. For millennia, they have worked to keep it alive.



threerivers Sé Nenulang is the world’s highest coastal mountain.

It is isolated from any other mountain range, and sits on its own tectonic plate.

From its peaks, you have the longest line of sight between any two points on the surface on Earth (to the Paramillo massif, 500 km away).

In its folds runs the planet’s shortest river between snow and tropical ocean, the Palomino.

At its base sits the birthplace of the most famous ambassador of magic realism and Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Márquez.


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* The Spanish conquistadores named Sé Nenulang the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta”, which loosely translate as “snow-capped mountain range that belongs to a city which we named after one of our saints“. Somehow, the name stuck.