templetreeThe Temple

In 2014, a collective of arborists, aerialists and artists built the Alunaris Tree Temple.

Their vision:

A Temple for Reflection

And Spirit Journeys

Suspended by Majestic Trees

Inviting Expression

Of Magic and Beauty

Bridging to Indigenous Thought

Inspiring Awe for Nature

More than 50 co-creators participated in its construction (see co-creators). The temple was inaugurated on Dec 31, 2014.


What is it?

An octagonal platform, 6m in diameter, 10m up in the air, with

  • temple insidea retractable roof
  • a bamboo bed
  • paintings by Colombian visionary artists
  • a shrine inside the trunk,
    for your gifts


The Surroundings

pool_180The Alunaris Tree Temple is part of a small collective rainforest property.

A nearby creek, Pozo Limón, provides water for drinking and bathing throughout the year. Gushing through natural pools and small cascades, it marks the boundary between the land of the Kogi and that of their younger brothers, as they call us.

Twenty-five minutes downriver from the Alunaris Tree Temple, Pozo Limón joins the crystal clear river Palomino at a beautiful swimming spot and river beach.

From there, you can tube down to the Caribbean Sea in a slow meditative journey.

Getting there.