treeofrebirthThe Trees

Sé Nenulang’s trees play a crucial role in sustaining life on the Heart of the World.

Growing in perpetual movement towards the sky, they turn two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional life spaces.

Trees hold the mountain in place, feed the rivers, harness the sun, enable animals to move, and plants to grow.

Old grandfather trees can support entire life worlds in their crowns – and centuries of memories in their structure.


Losses of Structure

Decades of logging on Sé Nenulang have taken their toll. Each disappearance of a major tree wipes out a home of millions – and risks the loss of genetic and ecological memories.

As tourism rises along the mountain’s shores and populations grow, pressure for land clearing and logging have increased on the mountain. Even far away from settlements, valuable trees have almost disappeared.

Perhaps a good time to start celebrating those that remain?


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