The Valley

hukumelle2The Palomino river is the shortest link between snow and tropical sea, between the Earth’s crown and base.

Born from glaciers and sacred lagoons, the crystal clear waters of the Palomino traverse the land of the Kogi on the way to the Caribbean sea.

Connecting dry and wet, high and low, cold and hot, the Palomino valley may be one of the most important ecological corridors on Earth: 95% is protected for conservation and indigenous use.

At its base, the village of Palomino is quickly developing into a new tourism destination.


The Journey

Yes, you can travel upstream. If you have the permission of the guardians, and the blessing of a friend that knows the path.

Time will slow down as you leave the village. No roads. No rush. No references.

The longer you stay, the deeper you travel. The higher you climb, the more careful you step.

The Kogi will not let you reach the snow.


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The last road



Taking time to slow down time.



Guardians of the Sierra



Rejuvenation at the Purificacion del Encanto


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